NSO Detroit Healthy Housing Center

NSO Detroit Healthy Housing Center

About This Campaign

The NSO Detroit Healthy Housing Center (DHHC) will provide low-barrier emergency shelter to 56 adults and offer transformative health and social services for its residents and neighbors.  It will offer services to help homeless individuals’ transition into the NSO Clay Apartments for permanent housing, a 15-bed medical respite for the homeless to receive continuing care post-hospitalization, a fully-integrated healthcare clinic, and other on-site wraparound services, including workforce development.

Once an individual is placed in the DHHC by the Detroit Continuum of Care, we will provide a holistic approach to integrate them into our program, starting with a health assessment that includes physical, dental, behavioral, and spiritual needs. We will devise a service delivery plan that is person-centered and sets goals specific to the individual’s desired outcomes.  We will structure the plan to realistically address the needs of the individual, while incorporating the fundamental need to obtain and sustain permanent housing, whether on our campus or elsewhere.  

Neighborhood Service Organization

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NSO Mission:  We are a health and human service agency that strengthens communities through bold outreach services and holistic programs for the vulnerable populations...changing lives one person at a time.

Through our diverse and comprehensive programs, as well as community partnerships, Neighborhood Service Organization -NSO provides critical services, outreach and assistance to children, youth, adults and families. We work to empower our community’s most vulnerable neighbors and provide healthy and enriching opportunities.  Consumers have the power to choose the lives they wish to lead and to help our community strengthen and grow.  We work to create healthy communities, new opportunities and provide supportive services for those who need them the most.