NSO: Support Needed for COVID-19 Response

NSO:  Support Needed for COVID-19 Response

About This Campaign

Please joining us in supporting our most vulnerable neighbors during this national crisis.

NSO is committed to continuing to serve those that need us most right now…. those experiencing homelessness, the recently housed, the elderly, those with special needs and all of our clinic patients.  

The added precautions we are taking to assure the safety of our staff and clients are an unexpected expense.  Your support right now will allow us to continue our high- quality services while protecting the most vulnerable.  

The changes we are all experiencing in our daily lives have made providing NSO services exponentially harder.  The increase need for resources to keep those we serve and our committed staff safe including cleaning and medical supplies are costs we could not have foreseen. The closing of churches and community groups have severely affected our ability to provide prepared meals to the homeless adults that count on us for food each day.  Your support will make a difference right now.

At a time when we are all feeling a little bit helpless, you can make a difference with your donation, large or small, at this critical time.

Neighborhood Service Organization

Campaign to Support Neighborhood Service Organization

NSO Mission:  We are a health and human service agency that strengthens communities through bold outreach services and holistic programs for the vulnerable populations...changing lives one person at a time.

Through our diverse and comprehensive programs, as well as community partnerships, Neighborhood Service Organization -NSO provides critical services, outreach and assistance to children, youth, adults and families. We work to empower our community’s most vulnerable neighbors and provide healthy and enriching opportunities.  Consumers have the power to choose the lives they wish to lead and to help our community strengthen and grow.  We work to create healthy communities, new opportunities and provide supportive services for those who need them the most.