A Tribute to Sheilah P. Clay

A Tribute to Sheilah P. Clay

About This Campaign

Join us as we celebrate Sheilah P. Clay's
retirement after 22 years at NSO.

There is no fee to attend.

If you would like to honor Sheilah Clay, you 
can do so with donation to the NSO Clay Fund at:

Location / Venue

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NSO Mission:  We are a health and human service agency that strengthens communities through bold outreach services and holistic programs for the vulnerable populations...changing lives one person at a time.

Through our diverse and comprehensive programs, as well as community partnerships, Neighborhood Service Organization -NSO provides critical services, outreach and assistance to children, youth, adults and families. We work to empower our community’s most vulnerable neighbors and provide healthy and enriching opportunities.  Consumers have the power to choose the lives they wish to lead and to help our community strengthen and grow.  We work to create healthy communities, new opportunities and provide supportive services for those who need them the most.


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  1. Josephine Austin
    Josephine Austin

    Thanks for all you do at NSO. For years NSO made sure my sister received safe services at the Avalon Home in Romulus. Not only did you look after my sister but the social worker was concerned about me and how much I could handle. I listened and everything worked out for my sister and i.
    Josephine Austin RN BSN, QI DWMHA

    almost 2 years ago · Like