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NSO Handlebars for the Homeless 2021 is a month-long virtual bike riding event beginning in August to help feed the homeless.

More than 10,000 Detroit residents experienced homelessness in 2019, living on the streets and in shelters for lack of safe, affordable, and permanent housing. Those suffering from homelessness are often victims of other issues including chronic health conditions, mental illness, drug addiction, and abuse. Individuals experiencing homelessness are food insecure and often face challenges in maintaining a nutritional diet relying on meals provided in shelters, such as NSO’s Detroit Healthy Housing Center.
We are looking to raise funds to cover one year of food support.

For the first time, cyclists can ride 16-miles to raise money virtually anytime and anywhere. Cyclists can take their own route, ride indoors or outdoors, atop a traditional bike or a smart bike trainer, on their favorite bike path or virtual bicycle app.

The registration fee is $35/person. All registered cyclists will receive an NSO Handlebars for the Homeless high-performance T-shirt and raffle entry. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.


raised of $250,000 goal


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Donate $35 or more

H4H Individual

Includes registration fee and a short-sleeve high performance t-shirt.

Donate $200 or more

H4H Leader of the Pack

Includes registration fee and one short sleeve high performance t-shirt and one long sleeve high performance t-shirt.


Location / Venue

  • Time:
  • Aug 06, 2021 8:00am to
    Aug 31, 2021 5:00pm

Mountain Biker

Casual Rider

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  • Linda Joyce Little

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NSO’s empowering programs and services provide assistance for: older adults with mental illness; children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities; homeless recovery services; housing development; community outreach for psychiatric emergencies; and volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations.