Bell Building Recreation Room Fund

Bell Building Recreation Room Fund

About This Campaign

The NSO Bell Building Recreation Room's pool table is being held together with duct tape. Funds are needed to have the table recovered and new bumpers installed. We are also in need of funds for new pool sticks and tournament prizes.

Since the opening of the NSO Bell Building six years ago, one of the most popular common rooms has been the Recreation Room and its always active pool table.

Each week one of our great volunteers, Charlie S., spends time with residents shooting pool. There have been many friendly games shot and a several pool tournaments complete with prizes.

Once the duct tape can no longer hold the felt together, the fun will stop.

Your donation will help us keep the balls rolling.

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  1. Charlie Sears
    Charlie Sears gave a donation
    This donation to the Bell Building Recreation Room Fund comes from my daughter, Lauren and my son-in-law, Charlie as a Father's Day gift.
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  2. John Nagridge
    John Nagridge gave a $52.76 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Jim Sears
    5 days ago · Like
  3. Carol Sears
    Carol Sears gave a donation
    Remembering Jim's love of pool.
    8 days ago · Like
  4. Sam Bushala
    Sam Bushala gave a $42.27 donation
    9 days ago · Like
  5. Rita Chastang
    Rita Chastang gave a donation
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  6. Josephine Austin
    Josephine Austin gave a $50 donation
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  7. Amy Misczak
    Amy Misczak gave a $52.76 donation
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  8. Michael  Schultz
    Michael Schultz gave a $50 donation
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  9. Lauren Sears
    Lauren Sears gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: James Sears
    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” - G.B. Shaw
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  10. Jennifer Keuten
    Jennifer Keuten gave a $52.76 donation
    To many more fun filled rounds of pool!
    12 days ago · Like
  11. Charlie Sears
    Charlie Sears gave a $52.76 donation
    Playing pool is one of the community events where residents share fun, stories and support with and for each other.
    12 days ago · Like
  12. Denise Figurski
    Denise Figurski gave a $25 donation
    Love You Charlie!!
    13 days ago · Like