Share Marvel's "Black Panther" with our Youth!

Share Marvel's "Black Panther" with our Youth!

About This Campaign

Sponsor young men and women in NSO's Youth Programs to see the Marvel's history making movie, "Black Panther".

Black Panther has already created an enormous cultural footprint while offering a rare opportunity for black children and youth to see characters in a fantasy world who look like them, in a movie about what it means to be black in both America and Africa as well as the world.

Your Sponsorship will help NSO to reach our goal of taking at least 100 young people to the theater to see "Black Panther" on the big screen, complete with popcorn and pop.

NSO YOUTH PROGRAMS:  Youth Initiatives Project (YIP) and YouthLink programs serve young men and women from the city's most vulnerable neighborhoods.  NSO provides them with leadership and community activism skills along with education, career awareness, work readiness, life skills, tutoring and mentoring.  Participants come from families with few resources.

It Takes a Village

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  • Eric and Laurie Salswedel

My Brother's Keeper

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Neighborhood Service Organization

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Through our diverse and comprehensive programs, as well as community partnerships, Neighborhood Service Organization -NSO provides critical services, outreach and assistance to children, youth, adults and families. We work to empower our community’s most vulnerable neighbors and provide healthy and enriching opportunities.  Consumers have the power to choose the lives they wish to lead and to help our community strengthen and grow.  We work to create healthy communities, new opportunities and provide supportive services for those who need them the most.


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  1. Dominique McClendon
    Dominique McClendon gave a $30 donation
    Y.I.P 4 LIFE!!!
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  5. Akua Hill
    Akua Hill gave a $15 donation
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  6. The Natural Momma Me Initiative
    The Natural Momma Me Initiative gave a $31 donation
    What a great cause. I love this movie and every black youth should see it. Great job!
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  7. Joanna  Porvin
    Joanna Porvin gave a $16 donation
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  8. Cheryl Madeja
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    Thank you for supporting our youth!
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